Eyes Wide Open – Reflections on King Crimson

Posted: September 28, 2014 in Concerts

My wife and I watched Disc 1 of King Crimson’s “Eyes Wide Open” live DVD out on the deck last night in the crisp Fall evening air. I hadn’t watched this in quite a bit of time. The performance blew (or should I say, Belew) me away. The interplay between Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew on guitars was nothing short of mesmerizing. It really hit home how much I really wished Adrian was on this year’s tour that we saw in NYC last Saturday.

Don’t get me wrong; the concert we saw was unbelievable. Along with Dead Can Dance and Joe Jackson (many years ago), this concert was the best as far as musical proficiency in a live performance is concerned. And yes, I really did love the 3 drummer performance, which gave the whole show a wonderful polyrhythmic and world music kind of feel to it.

However, the show we saw did not showcase the guitar prowess that I witnessed on the DVD last night. Adrian’s playing was incredible and it also seemed to bring Fripp out more as well; as if each of them was challenging one another to go one better. Jakko Jakszyk was really good as second guitarist at the show we saw but he isn’t in the same league as Adrian. Also the dichotomy between Adrian and Robert’s playing styles (that somehow seem to always work) is wonderful to listen to and watch.

I have no regrets making the trip to NYC and incurring the costs to make this show happen. It was truly a great weekend. However, it would have been a godhead weekend if Adrian had been with the band.

I’m usually pretty choosy about spending over $1000 to make a trip to see a band, especially if I have seen them before. That said, if King Crimson tours again, and this time with Adrian, then I’ll fly to Helsinki to see them if I have to.

kc_live_2003-1 1408894825-king-crimson-620x360

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